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CeCe Williams

Chriscynthia "CeCe" Harvey Williams is a Christian author and a lupus survivor, living in sunny Florida with her furry companion, "Grady". Her life has been a testimony to God's grace and healing power, as she has overcome many obstacles in her battle with lupus.

CeCe's writing is inspired by her journey with lupus, and her desire to encourage and uplift others who are going through similar struggles. She writes about the challenges of living with a chronic illness, the importance of self-care and faith, and the beauty of finding joy amid pain.

In her book "Living with Lupus: A Journey of Faith and Healing", CeCe not only shares her personal story of battling lupus but has included testimonies of other Lupus patients. They all share how their faith in God has sustained them through the darkest times. They also offer practical tips and advice for managing lupus symptoms and living a fulfilling life despite the challenges. CeCe is the Southeast Regional Ambassador for the Lupus Foundation.

Join CeCe on her journey of faith and healing, and let her story inspire you to overcome whatever challenges you may be facing.

My Story

CeCe Williams is a vibrant woman, full of life and energy. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and damage to organs and tissues. CeCe was shattered by the diagnosis and struggled to come to terms with her new reality. She was in and out of the hospital frequently, and the disease made it difficult for her to maintain her active lifestyle. However, CeCe was determined not to let Lupus defeat her.

Despite the challenges, CeCe refused to give up. She embarked on a mission to learn everything she could about Lupus and how to manage it. She met with doctors and specialists and educated herself about the disease and its treatment options. She has reached out to support groups and has connected with others going through similar struggles. Through her research and support system, CeCe found the strength to fight back against Lupus.

With time, CeCe's health began to improve, and she was able to resume some of her favorite activities. As a truck driver, she inspires others who struggling with Lupus. She is also available for speaking engagements at events and seminars.

Today, CeCe is thriving. While Lupus is still a part of her life, she has learned to manage it effectively, and it no longer controls her. She has become an ambassador for people with autoimmune diseases, and her story has touched the lives of countless individuals. CeCe's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, faith, and the human spirit.


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