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Michael Walters

Saved as a 12 year old boy, Mike has been preaching God's Word ever since.  His ministry includes healing, deliverance, salvation, revivals and now an author.  His new book will be available January 2024 - Winds of Yesterday.

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New Release

My Story

Mike Walters is an esteemed evangelist and pastor who has dedicated his life to spreading the word of God and delivering people from their afflictions. With a Healing ministry that has seen over 21 people brought back to life, Mike Walters has become renowned for his miraculous work. Born and raised in a Christian family, Mike Walters developed an early passion for serving God and helping those in need. He studied theology and pastoral studies and later went on to become a licensed pastor. He served as a pastor in various churches before starting his own Healing ministry. Mike Walters' ministry focuses on the miraculous power of God to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, and raise the dead. He has traveled extensively to different parts of the world, ministering to people from different walks of life. He has also appeared on several TV and radio programs, spreading the message of hope and faith in Christ. Throughout his ministry, Mike Walters has witnessed incredible miracles. He has prayed for countless individuals with terminal illnesses, disabilities, and other afflictions, and seen them healed instantly. He has also prayed for people who were clinically dead, and shockingly, they were brought back to life. Mike Walters' ministry has been a source of inspiration and hope to millions around the world. His dedication, faith, and unwavering commitment to serving God have made him a respected figure in the Christian community.


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