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Mountains in Clouds


Emerald Package

Introducing our Emerald Package, the ultimate solution for authors who want to take their book to the next level. With a 50% fee of royalties, you can rest assured that we are invested in your success. Our package includes ghostwriting, co-authoring, and graphic design, ensuring that your book is not only well-written but also visually stunning. Let us help you bring your vision to life with our Emerald Package.


Ruby Package

Wow, it sounds like you're interested in our amazing Ruby Package! With this package, you'll get access to a ton of great features, including a fee of only 35% and an additional 3.0%* for graphic design. Just make sure your manuscript is in an edit-ready structure, and if you have a design for your book cover, send it our way via email or let's discuss some other options. We're so excited to work with you and help bring your book to life!


Diamond Package

Are you ready to finally write that book you've been dreaming of? Our Diamond Package is the perfect solution! For just $660, we'll be your guide every step of the way. From helping you get started to designing and structuring your book, we'll make sure you're on the path to success. And the best part? We'll show you how to self-publish your masterpiece! With a 30-day* completion time, we're ready to help you bring your vision to life. Let's do this!

Our Founder

Paula Kaye Mitchell

Scripture says that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. At Mountain Moving Press, we believe this to be true. We are a faith-based publisher, and we understand the transformative power of a well-crafted message. Our mission is to provide a platform for writers to share their work with the world in a way that resonates with their intended audience. With our publishing services, writers can rest assured that their message will be heard and their vision will be fulfilled.

Below you will find a few of Ms. Mitchell's books, on sale at

Headshot of Paula Kaye Mitchell
Front cover of Where are The Prophets? a cave with bright light beaming from the entrance

This book is about modern-day prophets and the bad rep they get.  God has called them out of hiding and they need to come forth with God's Words for today.

Front Cover of Who I Am. the ocean shore at sunset

This book is about learning Who we are in Christ Jesus and whose image and likeness we were created.  We are more like our Father in Heaven than we realize. See the Father and see the Son, then SEE yourself.

Wedding journal with two rings and greenery

This is a journal for the Bride To Be. It is 6x9 inches and makes a great bridal gift, or buy it for yourself. Keeps things organized and on task with a to-do list.


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